General Information:

I am a Ph.D. student at Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering; Indiana University, Bloomington working under the supervision of Qin Zhang and Cenk Sahinalp.

Before I come here, I graduated from St. Petersburg Academic University with an MSc degree under the supervision of Fedor Fomin and Alexander Kulikov. I graduated from St. Petersburg State University with BSc degree in Math.

I am currently supported by the following grants NSF CCF-1844234 and NSF CCF-2006591.


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NeurIPS 2020
Collaborative Top Distribution Identifications with Limited Interaction
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Distributed and Streaming Linear Programming in Low Dimensions
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Sketching Algorithms for Genomic Data Analysis and Querying in a Secure Enclave
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A Multi-labeled Tree Edit Distance for Comparing "Clonal Trees" of Tumor Progression
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An exponential lower bound for cut sparsifiers in planar graphs
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Parameterized Algorithms for Partitioning Graphs into Highly Connected Clusters
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Parameterized Complexity of Superstring Problems
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